September 29, 2006

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

My Sweet Eamon

Well, the first 2 weeks of my new grandson's life on this planet has produced a dozen or more adorable pictures like the one to the left. I can sit and stare at them and stare at them forever! It's really nice that my son's able to upload the images to a webpage for the family to see, even though we live from coast to coast.

But you know, if a picture says a thousand words, then what does a live video say? A million words? I can't wait for them to receive the video calling system I'm sending them. I want to be able to not just see my grandson's cute little face, but I want to hear his first attempts at cooing and blowing bubbles. I can't get that in a still picture or even a telephone call. Tiny babies can make some noise, but they aren't huge conversationalists.

This isn't just any video calling system either. X10 has gone to a lot of trouble to design a camera that is more than just some techy toy or passing fad. This is a high quality camera built to be used daily. It's got features that really set it apart. One that will really come in handy for me is the Starlight Technology that allows it to work in the dimmest lighting conditions (like a nursery). And the optical zoom! Wow- I can't wait to zoom in for a virtual kiss on the cheek good night!

But the best feature of all is the internet control built into the software that comes with the system. It will actually allow me to control the camera from my computer, even though the camera is 3,000 miles away! So my son can simply set-up the camera in the nursery and leave the controls up to me. I can pan and tilt all by myself and take a tour of the entire room, floor to ceiling - wall to wall. I can't wait! It truly takes 'communication' to the next level!

I'm sure you have friends and family you would love to keep in touch with too. If you want to hear more about this great video calling system, check it out here:

September 28, 2006

Golfing In the Dark

For the last few years my friend, Staci is required to raise money to pay for an Easter egg hunt for the kids in our community. The cost for hundreds of plastic eggs and bags and bags of candy can add up to quite a bit. Not a problem for us though because our fund raiser is so popular – it puts the FUN in FUNdraiser!

The event is called Glow Ball and just in case you’ve never heard of it, it’s golfing in the dark with glowing balls and glowing necklaces adorning the golfers. There is a small par three course that is surrounded by huge old growth evergreen trees. It’s the perfect setting!

In addition, local businesses generously donate goods and services for a raffle drawing after the golf tournament that is held at a nearby pizza place where Staci works. We’ve scheduled to have the tournament on October 27th and will allow those that wear costumes extra entries in the raffle. Costumes and golfing in the dark… does it get any better than that??

So if you’re not doing anything October 27th and think you might enjoy an adventurous round of golf… let me know, we’ll get you signed up! Bring a flashlight!

September 21, 2006

I need a ticket to the Moon!

3,000 miles or 3 million miles, it doesn't make any difference when they are between you and your new grandchild! My son and his new family might as well be living on the MOON!

My son announced last Thanksgiving that he had been hired by a company he has been wanting to work for as long as I can remember. I was thrilled for him. Then he added that he wouldn't be telecommuting, but moving to Boston to work in their main office. It sure was a bitter pill to swallow, but that is how things are these days... you have to 'go where the work is'.

They have been living just north of Boston now for about six months. Even though I miss seeing him, we both work in the computer business so we're on-line daily and keep in touch through instant messages. It's comforting to know he's always as close as my desktop throughout the day. I almost forget that he's so far away physically sometimes.

But that just isn't going to cut it now that my grandson has come into the world! Even though they have already sent me pictures. I ache to see his little face and be able to count all his fingers and toes. That's why- instead of getting them a new crib for the baby or a stroller... I'm sending The World's Best Webcam!


Not only will I be able to see my new grandson and my son's new home, but I'll be able to control the camera myself from my own computer! I can zoom in and get close enough to give him a (virtual) goodnight kiss on his cheek! I'll be able to get close enough to count those fingers and toes! This camera also pans and tilts, so I can take in the entire nursery- floor to ceiling, wall to wall! And with the starlight feature, I can even peek in on him, even when the lights are low while he's sleeping.

It is going to be 3 months before I'll be able to take the time off of work and have the funds to be able to fly all the way to Boston to visit in person. Having the webcam and being able to video call them in the meantime will make the wait so much easier! Even after I get back, I know I am not going to miss all of his 'firsts' like his first step, first tooth and first birthday. I may not be there 'in-person' but I'll still be there 'face-to'face'.

September 18, 2006

My New Grandson


Meet Eammon Keating, born Friday September 15, 2006. Everyone is healthy! Yah!

September 13, 2006

Hope You Kind of Get Well

I was thinking this morning, while I was stuck in traffic for 2 1/2 hours getting to work, about Greeting Cards. They make greeting cards now for everything! I even saw a bereavement card directed towards the loss of one’s beloved pet. Another one was offering congratulations on a recent divorce- with a 50% divorce rate, I’m sure these are big moneymakers for the cardmakers.

What you don’t see is a card telling someone that you’re sort of happy they’re having a birthday or that you almost miss seeing them and really don’t mind much that they haven’t written. They don’t make those cards because nobody would think of buying them!

It’s one of the reasons why I’m sure people will really love our new webcam! Stop scratching your head… there IS a connection, just stick with me!

This webcam is special. That’s why I don’t even like calling it a webcam because it’s so much more than that. Sure, it's great for video calling, but it also has features that will allow you to use it beyond the typical one-to-one video conversation…

I’ll give you an example…
vegaswedding.jpgDestination weddings are the latest craze- and the more exotic the location, the better. Not everyone of course will be able to make the event, but you don’t want them to completely miss out either. Many people plan an additional reception closer to home, but that can be extremely expensive. Instead, with this camera and it’s PAN, TILT and ZOOM features, you can set it up in a central location and it is capable of broadcasting the entire event on-line for those that would otherwise not be able to share the day with you. You can even give your on-line guests the power to control the camera themselves! Using a standard webcam for this example would be like sending the happy couple a card that says, Hope Your Wedding Day is Average.

September 12, 2006

Touching Base

Well, after yesterday, I was moved to touch base with all those that I love... Watching the images of that awful day, 5 years ago, reminded me again to appreciate the things that really mean the most to me, my friends and family. It's easy to get side tracked with a new job, a new schedule and not very much spare time. Life can be hectic... But as 9/11 proved, it can also be unpredictalbe, so we can't take those relationships for granted.

My son and his wife recently moved to Boston. I'm near Seattle. We couldn't be further apart geographically, but I'm in touch with him daily... sometimes several times a day. We both have jobs that require us to be on-line. We instant message eachother throughout the day. Usually I'm just making sure he takes time off for lunch and that he isn't working too many hours. I try to not bother him since he is working, so usually our messages are brief- it's just nice to always have him sort of hanging out on my desktop, knowing he's there if I want to talk to him, or if he needs me.
Soon though text messaging eachother just isn't going to cut it. He and his wife are due to have their first child next month. I don't want to miss a minute of my first grandchild's life, but I know that is going to be impossible with so many miles between us. That is one reason I've been so excited about our newest project (the one I've been hinting at already in my previous blogs). It's a webcam... and one that will be worthy enough to capture the precious images of my grandchild. This camera can see better than I can!

We'll be able to take advantage of video calling systems that are already available and FREE! I will be able to see them come home from the hospital... I'll be able to go on a video tour of his nursery and they can even set up the camera so I can watch the little bundle of joy sleeping and even have the power to zoom close enough to give him a vertual kiss goodnight.

Sure, I would rather be there in person, but since flying coast to coast everyday is not an option... at least I can feel like I'm there with The World's Best Webcam!

September 11, 2006

We will never forget...


September 06, 2006

When the music stops…. find a seat!

This week marks my 2 month anniversary here at X10 and this morning I’m now sitting at my fourth desk. It reminds me of playing Musical Chairs at birthday parties when I was a kid. I never liked that game. I was always taught to be polite and offer my seat to others first and here I was forced to elbow, claw, push- whatever it took to grab a chair and not be left standing awkwardly in silence (since the music stopped playing and started the ruckus). Luckily those days are long gone and I’m sure my moving desks (again) has nothing to do with the fact that there isn’t any music playing.

There isn’t anything all that mysterious about my latest relocation. It has to do with being closer to the rest of the creative team working on the upcoming launch of… well, you’ll know soon enough- It’s all good. I am just happy that I haven’t been getting moved closer and closer to the door.


September 05, 2006

Communication Evolution

Good Day to You! I’m one of the newest members of the X10 team and am thinking it’s a good sign that they allow me my own blog. I guess the first thing I should get out of the way, right off the bat would be the awkward introductions. I’m really not very good at this… I have never been able to find the delicate balance between being overly friendly and telling ALL about myself in the first 10 seconds or appear aloof and mysterious which only seems to come across as unfriendly and self absorbed.

It’s kind of like the project I’ve been working on here at X10 practically since my very first day. Part of me wants to tell everyone all about it because it’s a really exciting product and I’m anxious to share it. But, the other part of me feels almost possessive and knows that once it’s launched and joins the rest of the X10 family of products, it will no longer be mine. We’ve been putting in such an effort (and lots of hours) on this project- it’s the first thing I think about in the morning when I wake up, and the last thing before I go to sleep and although I can’t say too much yet about it… I can say, it just might change the way people feel about video communication.

The Communication Evolution…
I’ve been amazed at how much (and how quickly) the internet has grown and changed the way people interact with each other. I remember when I was the only one in my family with email… Now, everyone, even my grandma has an email address (and she knows how to open attachments). Just the other day we were discussing the ‘evolution of communication’… Remember when the FAX was first introduced and what a phenomenon that seemed at the time? And now, it’s considered almost obsolete.

Look how much it’s changed the way singles of all ages find each other… My husband and I met the old fashioned way… at a single’s bar. Now, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. You can meet a mate while shopping on-line, looking for a new job or checking your bank account. I guess it’s convenient… but, I just don’t think it can replace meeting face to face… well, that is before now…

Oh ya… I almost forgot… My name is CArRiE, nice to meet you!