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Answers To Your Emails

Here are this week’s installment of Answers To Your Emails. Thanks to Terry, Matt & all others who wrote in!

Terry asks: Can I hook the video sender to a jack in one room and plug my dish network receiver instead of having to go straight into the receiver in another room? In other word doing it backwords i guess. I am just trying to supply my dish signal to the receiver in another room without a jack.

X10Community: Hello Terry. The video sender is a versatile gadget and can be used many ways. Just keep in mind that the sender has RCA inputs (and no outputs), while the receiver has RCA inputs. So however you choose to hook up your devices, think about how this would come into play with your equipment. Keep in mind that the sender is used for transmitting a signal while the receiver deciphers that signal. If logically it seems possible for you to do so, they you probably have the ability to set it up how you like. If you need more assistance, please contact X10 Support at support@x10.com if you need more answers to your question.

Matt asks: Must you have a land line in order for the Protector Plus Alarm System to call when an alarm is sounded?

X10Community: Matt, at this time yes, you do need a land line in order for the system to dial out. It is currently not set up for VOIP or cellular service. However, if you do not have a land line, you can still take advantage of the alarm system, except without the call/dialing feature.

Anonymous asks: Can the ProtectorPlus Alarm System be installed in a RV? That is, does it support 12V DC or is it 110V AC only?

X10Community: Excellent question. The ProtectorPlus Alarm System operates on 110V AC power. However, we have had many RV owners use this device and mention that it works very well. As long as you have the ability to provide it a power source, you shouldn’t have any problems.

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Perhaps someone has the wrong answer? Who is correct? Your wiki or you?


Hi Billy,

As the product was not originally designed for VOIP, i'm glad to hear that there has been some success stories in using it this way.

Thanks for pointing out the entry on the knowledgebase, i'm sure a lot of people were wondering this same thing too... In regards to your question, i would go with the answer from the knowledgebase.

Have A Great Day!

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