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June 12, 2007

AMAZING PRICE DROP for the iconRemote! But For How Long?

Introducing an amazing price drop for the X10 iconRemote! During its introduction, the iconRemote was selling out for $129.99. Now, you have the chance to buy your very own iconRemote for only $79.99! An Amazing saving of $50 off of the introductory price! In addition, we’ll throw in the shipping (a $20 value) meaning you save more than $70 when you buy now!

This is the same iconRemote that comes with all of the advanced features not found in other Universal Remotes for this price! You get the Punchthrough option (allowing you to control multiple devices from a single setting), you get the Groups features (create individual setting for every member of the house – or you can even categorize by your television watching habits). You even get the advanced Learn feature that can help your iconRemote duplicate the functions of any other remote control! This means you’ll never need another remote control again once you have your iconRemote!

Best of all, its bright colorful screen allows you see each channel icon clearly, meaning you spend no time on the channels you don’t want and more time with the channels you do watch!

However, this price drop is only good for while supplies last! At this price, don’t expect them to last long…. And remember, once they’re gone --- THEY’RE GONE!

Visit www.x10iconremote.com to learn more!