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July 24, 2006

Google more than doubles profit

Google just announced their second quarter results for this year.

Google reported revenues of $2.46 billion for the quarter ended June 30, 2006, an increase of 77% compared to the second quarter of 2005 and an increase of 9% compared to the first quarter of 2006. Google reports its revenues, consistent with GAAP, on a gross basis without deducting traffic acquisition costs, or TAC. In the second quarter of 2006, TAC totaled $785 million, or 32% of advertising revenues.

Google's full press release here: http://investor.google.com/releases/2006Q2.html

A lot of AdWords advertiser are very upset with the new quality score and their cost per click (CPC), but obviously it doesn't harm Google...

July 21, 2006

Microsoft Confirms New Music Player

Microsoft confirmed the plans for an entertainment device and software in a statement after touting those products to record companies in recent months.

The world's largest software maker faces an uphill climb in closing the gap on Apple's iPod media player and iTunes Music Store, the runaway leaders in their respective areas.

The iPod holds more than half of the digital media player market, according to research company NPD, while iTunes accounts for over 70 percent of U.S. digital music sales.

"Creating a lifestyle device, Microsoft is clearly going to face a battle here," said Michael Gartenberg, research director at JupiterResearch. "It's going to be hard for them to create the same level of cachet that Apple has with the iPod."

Microsoft sources said Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft's entertainment and devices division, is working with J. Allard, vice president of its Xbox team, on the digital media player/software project.

Allard's involvement is seen as significant because he is one of the few executives at Microsoft with experience in launching a consumer electronic device from scratch with the X-Box gaming system. His involvement suggests that gaming might be part of the media player.

(Source: Reuters)

July 20, 2006

Why take risks with your family’s health when you don’t have to?

Don’t just worry about potential dangers – learn the facts before you buy

With the abundance of home security cameras on the market, finding out the drawbacks of each one can be a difficult and time-consuming task. You don’t want to purchase an expensive camera only to find out that it uses potentially dangerous technology, especially if you’re using it to keep watch over your family.

As an informed consumer, you may have heard about the possible dangers of infrared radiation from certain security cameras. This is especially troubling as infrared radiation is often used as a method of illumination for baby monitors.

What you need to know about the dangers of infrared radiation

Scientific research finds that heat from infrared exposure has been known to lead to the development of cataracts. Prolonged exposure to intense optical radiation will, over time, be absorbed by the iris or cornea and converted into heat, which is then conducted to the lens of the eye, inducing the formation of cataracts.

The amount of exposure from infrared radiation in certain security cameras might be minimal, but isn’t it better to just eliminate the risk altogether and go with the security camera that will let you sleep soundly, secure in the knowledge that your family is safe?

Eliminate all risk with the Sentinel’s radiation-free Starlight Mode

With its technologically advanced Starlight Mode, the X10 Sentinel PTZ Camera is ideal for use as a baby monitor. Instead of using potentially harmful radiation to get a clear picture, the Sentinel’s Starlight Mode simply slows the camera’s shutter dramatically to let in more light, allowing for a crystal-clear full color picture even in the darkest of rooms.

With our Starlight Mode, you don’t have to worry about even the possibility of health risks for your family, and especially your children. We’ve eliminated any potential risk while still using the best available technology to capture any nighttime activity, avoiding risky infrared radiation to keep your family as safe as possible. With the Sentinel, you can sleep well knowing that your family’s health is not in danger.

Why take risks with your family’s health when you don’t have to? Use the X10 Sentinel PTZ Camera for all your home security needs.

July 11, 2006

Still Alive!

Hey Everyone!

I know, I know... I haven't written in a while. Truth is, I was (and still am) so busy with our newest product (www.x10sentinel.com). It's probably the most involved product I have worked on so far. A lot of possibilities with this one...

What do you think? Any input, question or comment?

So, I am going to try to keep this thing updated again.