September 29, 2006

A different kind of webcam...

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It used to be that when you shopped to purchase a webcam there wasn’t much to consider besides price. Webcams typically didn’t have too many features. Maybe it was because they were never taken too seriously and considered more of a toy for techies or kids.

But that has all changed. Instant message applications like Skype and MSN Instant Messenger to name a couple, now provide video calling FREE! As a result, webcams are enjoying a whole new audience- an audience that isn’t satisfied with the webcams currently on the market.

Here at X10, we communicate with our customers and take notes! We’ve heard from them that they want a camera that provides more than just a grainy image that only works (barely) with perfect lighting and static subjects.

That’s why our developers have worked hard to design a well built multi-functional, high quality camera. We don’t even call it a webcam because it’s actually a Video Calling System. It’s loaded with features such as whisper quiet pan and tilt, providing a wall to wall, floor to ceiling complete view that you can actually control remotely with the included remote control. It also has a powerful 44X zoom, so you can get up close and personal, just like you would in real life!

Our customers told us that they often make video calls during the evening and don’t want to have all the lights blazing in the house. So our designers developed what they call Starlight Mode which requires only .02 lux (1 lux is equivalent to moonlight) to capture a clear image- so you can use our Video Calling System even in candlelight!

So if you’re shopping for a webcam and want to join the thousands of other people that have discovered how they can actually save money by video calling rather than picking up the telephone or cell phone (and enjoy it more too)- you’ll want to read more about our Video Calling System and all the other features I haven’t covered here by going to:

September 05, 2006

Thank You!

I would like to thank the hundreds of people helping us to give you the absolute best! We couldn't do it without you!

Let me tell you a bit more about this...

We have created a system that makes connecting with people easier, faster, less!
Only actually being there is better. It's a new and improved way to share conversations, smiles and tears with your loved ones. More a little later...

September 01, 2006

Something's going on at X10

I can't tell you all the details (because I simply don't know them myself), but there is something brewing behind the doors of our development team! Yes, and it must be in the final stages because they're asking everyone to help them test this miraculous new product. They even give away $300 in X10 gear! That's right!

What do you have to do for this chance?

1. Take a short online survey

2. Receive $300 in X10 gear

3. Help X10 to improve

This chance is only there until September 4th!!!

Here's the link: CLICK HERE

May 23, 2006

"C.M.S.P" (Coffee Maker Surveillance Program)

I know this might sound a little strange to some, but today we started to monitor our coffee maker here at X10! We implemented something I call "C.M.S.P", which stands for Coffee Maker Surveillance Program.

Here's the story...

A typicial morning at X10 before "C.M.S.P":

9:00h I arrive at X10 headquaters near Seattle. I am still a little tired, because after working on a computer at X10 for the day, I spend my evenings playing with my own computer. icon_eek.gif

9:02h I turn on my computer, while greeting my web team (if it is there! icon_razz.gif ).

9:03h Computer is booting up, time enough to grab my coffee mug and head for the office's kitchen.

9:04h I am in the kitchen, I close my eyes and mumble some prayer, but it's no use...the coffee maker is empty! AGAIN!

9:05h My eyes widen, by head turns to red color and I start thinking words not approbiate for this blog.

9:07h I make new coffee.

I tried it the nice way. I wrote emails to everybody asking to brew more coffee if you use the last one. A very simple thing, huh? But several email and threats later, still no change. I would still find empty coffee makers in the

morning. I had enough. icon_twisted.gif A few good people here now started a new initiave I call C.M.S.P, the Coffee Maker Surveillance Program. It works very simple, yet effective. Isn't that how most things in life work?

What did we do? We placed a wireless surveillance camera on top of the coffee maker


See our camera selection if you encountered similiar problems. We offer specials deals daily!

Just the best,

Marko icon_wink.gif

PS. Members of my beloved web team started their own blogs. Check them out:
Owen (Graphical Merchandiser)
Lyndsey (Copywriter)

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