May 22, 2006

When web producers listen

Many web producers (and I can't exclude myself completely) think they know it all.
In fact, that might be true in a sense: They know too much!

Are you confused yet?

Let me give you an example. In order to improve X10 services to our customers, we run a very active online chat. We want to learn from our customers, so we try to promote the chat as best as we can. For that reason I implemented a Chat-PopUp window, giving our customers the opportunity to chat with one of our expert X10 representatives. Through the feedback pages and the forum, I learned that many users found this PopUp more disturbing than helpful. So, after a short trial period, I removed the PopUp from both my projects, and .

I want to thank everybody for their input and would like to encourage more people to give their feedback. Feel free to comment right here in this blog, or post in the


See you tomorrow,