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Father's Day Thoughts

As we inch closer to Father’s Day, I wanted to share a few thoughts about my dad, who I feel is an amazing man.

My father is the epitome of Mr. Fix-it. You name it, he has the ability to make it work. Rebuilding car engines, adding a new room to the house, plumbing, wiring, electrical, you name it – I’ve watched him fix it all. As a youngster I grew up thinking that every dad knew how to do this stuff, and it was just a part of their daily role. Boy was I shocked when I found out that this was not the case.

I was around 12 years old or so, when my best friend’s family car broke down. That’s ok, I thought, his dad can fix it and get it running again in tip-top shape. Afterall, that’s what my dad did when the car would croak. When it turned out that they had to have the car taken to the auto service center, I was left perplexed wondering “Now why would you do that?”

It’s great having a father who is a Jack-of-All-Trades. It’s only unfortunate that I didn’t do a good job to learn from him as I was too lazy growing up to want to do that stuff. Now, a homeowner and a car owner myself, I kick myself just thinking about what I should know – all of this should have been passed on to me, but thanks to my own unwillingness, I am now faced with a world of regrets.

My father is a very caring man. He instilled within his children hard work ethics, and he backed it up not only with his words but in his actions. He grew up poor in the farms in a third world country with many siblings, only to be the best provider he could be. Most impressively, he sent 3 kids to college and had scraped every nickel and dime to pay for these educations himself!

As I grow older, one day to have a family for myself, I can only be thankful for what my father has provided for me. I constantly think, “How am I ever going to be as good as my Dad?” I've come to understand that I am who I am. No, i'm not a Mr. Fix-it, but I have learned through him that hard work and dedication will always help you succeed.

I can only pray that every child could feel so proud about their Father as I do. Thanks Dad. Happy Father’s Day.


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