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What’s on tap with the community side?

Hi everyone, I just wanted to provide an update on the community side to let you know what is/will be happening this coming week.

This weekend we will be the filming of our new X10 commercial. I am working on the logistics at this very moment to get the shoot location, the actors and the products lined up. If everything goes as scheduled you’ll be seeing the new commercial online very soon.

For the community website (x10community.com), we are just about set to launch the new Community Members Blog, this is just undergoing its final touches, and the goal is to get this launched as soon as possible. This is a project I’ve focused on the past week, and I’m really excited to open this up to the community members. I’m expecting to read a lot of great blog postings from everyone, so get ready, because it’s your turn to let us know what is happening!

On the Affiliate side of things, I’ve been working hard to update many of our manuals to provide you ways to make the most profits possible by advertising X10 products on your websites and newsletters. If you want to learn more about our Affiliate program, the website can be found at www.x10affiliate.com … If you need more information, you can always shoot me an email at michaelm@x10.com, or go the Affiliate board on our forum.

I hope you all have a great weekend! Keep checking back for some great things to come!


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