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Loud & Brash Stadium Fans

The local media is reporting today about the deafening crowd noise at Qwest Field. It seems that rumors are going around that stadium officials are pumping in artificial crowd noise over the intercom to heighten the crowd volumes.

Last season I had the opportunity to watch a couple of games at Qwest Field, especially the game that clinched the NFC playoffs for the Hawks. As I stared around in amazement at over 60,000 fans going wild and crazy, I couldn’t believe how deafening the environment was. People excitedly shouted and waved towels creating a place that was totally abuzz!

I remember even shouting and yelling myself, and thinking that I couldn’t even hear my own voice amongst these crazy fans and supporters. I had never heard anything so deafening and loud! It was absolutely incredible. You couldn’t even hear what the person next to you was saying if they had yelled directly into your ear. This Sunday, although I won’t be in the stadium to witness it for myself, I know how loud and crazy the fans are going to be. The NFL and people everywhere are going to be in for the shock of their lives when they watch the bricks fall off the buildings as a result of the vocal vibrations from the deafening crowd. Any reason to get these fans going gives them enough motivation to become louder and more brash than ever... If anything, i predict it's going to be a rough 4 quarters for the Giants offense.

This weekend, I’ll be loud and brash with family and friends as I watch my Seahawks beat the Giants at home on the bigscreen television. I’ll also be talking plenty of smack to this week’s opponent in my Fantasy Football League -- i'm a competitive guy, what can I say?. With my Fantasy Sports Tracker ready to go, and my fellow Seahawks fans ready to lead the charge, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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