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Affiliate Answers To Your Emails

Each week, we receive many emails from affiliates and potential affiliates regarding our Advertising program. In an effort to provide a service to all of you, I plan on publishing several of these letters along with our response. Here is our first letter from Lonnie.

Lonnie writes: I would like to sign up for your VIP Affiliate Program. The problem is that one of the fields in your Publisher Application is a link to my website and I don’t yet have one for this purpose. I don’t have one because I hesitate to purchase web hosting and a domain just for this purpose when I don’t have any way of knowing if my application for your program will be approved, i.e. I’d be putting the cart before the horse and risking the associated costs if my application is denied. What’s a body to do? Even if I were willing to take the risk I wouldn’t know how to design a website around your products when I’m not sure what form your product data might take. In other words, would I be adding your individual products to my site manually or is there an automated way to do it, and can I only add your individual products to my site or could I also display your catalog and/or your landing pages, banners, etc. that clearly reference X10.

X10Affiliates: Lonnie thanks so much for writing in. Here are some answers for you that I hope will help and put you at ease.

First, just to let you know many of our most successful affiliates do not even operate a website. There are many ways for you to sell X10 products and earn a commission from these sales. So let me reassure you that this is the least of your concerns. A great way to sell is via word of mouth and to take orders and call them in. You’ll still earn 40 percent commission from all qualifying orders.

In regards to our product data (catalog), should you choose to set up a website, really all you have to do is register a website name and provide hosting. We’ll take care of the coding by providing you landing pages that look like real websites or even online catalogs where customers can click to purchase. These pages will be embedded with your affiliate promotional codes and when your customers make purchases, we handle all of the back-end details (ie, shipping, support and more). You really don’t have to do anything else except advertise your site – and there are many ways that you can do this too easily and affordably!

Joining the X10 Affiliate program may seem like a big task, but let me assure you we’ll do most of the work to make this an enjoyable, easy and profitable experience for you!

Do you have a question about the X10 Affiliate Program? Send us an email at affiliates@x10.com!


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I am more interested in a contractor deal with your company... but would also consider in addition to the contractor deal an affilate opportunity. I tried contacting your headquarters but only got a salesman who would not allow me to communicate with the main person over contractors. Please have this person contact me at my number or email below.

Best regards,

David Risener
DR Communications
620 W. Broad Street
Mansfield, TX 76063
817-473-6161 voice
817-473-5088 fax

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