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I like Gizmodo, so what!

So sometimes my blog is pretty much just a list of things I like. So to continue with this theme let me tell you about www.Gizmodo.com. Sounds funny right? Well Gizmodo is a website that features the latest and greatest gadgets in the realm of personal technology – cellphones, mp3 players, and weird things like how to cook a grilled cheese on your laptop computer – no joke. Maybe I can convince the guys over at Gizmodo to feature the MiniTImer, Protector Plus, or the Sentinel. I haven’t really bought many things off of Gizmodo yet, except for a “skin” for my Ipod Nano, which turned out to really just be a high quality sticker. Oh well it was like 10 bucks. If my income was something amazing I’d probably spend a lot more time and money on Gizmodo.

Tonight – I am going to see Pirates of the Caribbean with one of my greatest friends. It’s funny because the movie came out weeks ago but neither she nor I have found the time outside of work to see it. I tend to try to see movies late in their theater life span anyway so I can avoid Americans. Ok not really to avoid Americans, but there’s a lack of public etiquette in our society these days – that however is a completely different blog in itself. Well its back to coding and graphics for me – until next time.


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