October 10, 2006

Learning to blog

Yes! It's official! I can put a check next to one of my 'Things to Do'

(X) FInd a way to incorporate the word blog into my daily language

Why was this a goal? I guess my love for the word blog could be blamed on my English degree induced word-obsessive tendencies ....or just because it's a great blogging...have you blogged my many, blog, blog. After you say it three times it stops being a word and becomes a strange sound effect.

I had higher hopes for my first blogging experience, perhaps it would be better if you could see the painful squeezing of my brain with the X10 video calling system... I could express my lack of bloggable material with one tremendous facial expression. You could zoom in close enough to see the hissing that I am pretty sure is coming from my ears...the hissing steam of an over-heated brain.

Anyway, time to hit the road...I can't wait to blog again, and to tell everyone I see that I have a blog (just so I can say blog of course)