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November 22, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like something-or-other.

Today, in:

Angst: My Sidekick is refusing to recognize my charger, which makes charging...you know, impossible. I have to send it in for a replacement, which is deeply traumatic, and go get a loaner phone, which is deeply annoying. Am currently waiting for T-Mobile to call me back and tell me where I can pick up my loaner, because I'm going to my grandparents' house tomorrow early, and we'll be there until Saturday, and if I don't have my Sidekick with me I will probably have a nervous breakdown and it will not be awesome.

Attendently, I used to be very insistent in my disdain for cell phones; I didn't want to be constantly available to anyone, anytime, I had things to do and I needed my freedom. Now if I'm not constantly available by phone, text, IM and email I practically get a twitch. I used to carry a notebook, now I just type things into Notes. I used to forget dates and times, now I have the Calendar function. I used to be impossible to get a hold of, now I'm so available I'm practically in your pocket. Thanks a bunch, modern technology.

a. Party: Heck yes.
b. Feast: Thank you, X10!
c. Day: I will not stress out. I will find my zen place of calm and tryptophan. Breathe in and out, etc.
d. Pardoning: Really!

Leaving early: YAY! Have a happy Thanksgiving, everybody. :)

November 13, 2006

Invisiblogging = wave of the future.

I just got back from Atlanta (again), where it was much warmer, much drier, and much more full of Panic! At The Disco concerts than Washington presently is. I was out of state for four days, flying down to Atlanta on the red eye, sleeping a bit then tromping off to the first show, which was the sort of amazing that I don't really entirely have words for, then up through South Carolina to North for the second show in Charlotte. Lovely city, from what I saw of it, and the South was lovely in general. It's warmer there, still dressed in autumn along the streets; we saw the first show at an amphitheater and the weather was fine, comfortable enough even discounting the crowds pressed in close.

I am at this very moment feeling the weight of fatigue; I'd managed to stave it off via sheer force of will, but apparently my hubristic refusal of coffee all day has finally stabbed me in the back. Or the head - I've got a tiny bit of a cold, which last night on the plane made me feel like I was being stabbed in the sinuses with large pieces of broken glass. I spent a lot of time writing on my Sidekick, tidily typing away in my hideously uncomfortable middle seats (dear Travelocity, I hate you. Boo/Hiss, Sara.) and listening to sleepy music. In the future, I will travel using the power of my mind. There's something sort of deathly about cross-country flights, you lose all sense of time. I'm not sure where today's gone - I'm not sure today's even really still here. I swear I just had it.

It's been a bit of a catchall copy day today, writing this and that and the other, whatever needs to be done at that exact moment. My head's still full of Panic! and Rae, interchangeable, intertwined, joy, joy, joy. I never understood people who could just go and see the same thing night after night (Rentheads and the like, in my head and in their words Panic! At The Disco is like a Broadway show) but if I could see that show every night I absolutely would, there's nothing I'd like more than to stand in the front row with my girlfriend and listen and watch. The weeks seem miles long - December 1st I'll be there again, oh yes.

It can't come fast enough, but in the meantime, I'm happy, unstoppably happy. Yes.