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Honestly, who steals mail?

Did you know that mail theft is a big problem in this country? Until someone started stealing my mail, I had no idea!

Evidently, it happens quite often. And let me tell you, it’s quite frustrating. My girlfriend and I had to resort to buying a locking mail box and never sending outbound mail from our house.

We had three Netflix movies taken, my girlfriend’s Macy’s credit card bill, which they somehow managed to use to charge up $300 worth of stuff, four envelopes of Val-Pak coupons, six Missing Children flyers and 25 pre-approved credit card offers. Just kidding, except for the first two.

Yes, someone went into our mail box every day, and stole our mail in broad daylight while we were at work. What a shame. It seems to me, in this corrupt world we live in, that the U.S. Mail is the last honest institution we have. It’s sacred, and it’s also a felony. How could you steal someone’s mail? That, I’ll never understand.

I wish I had been there one day with my baseball bat. It’s funny how I always think of these brilliant solutions after the fact. Realistically, an X10 surveillance camera with motion-activated recording would’ve been a wiser choice. Unfortunately, I was too late with this solution. However, it does show me who is pulling into the driveway before I answer the door. So next time anyone wants to come to the door while my Seahawks are playing on Sunday to sell me something or talk to me about their beliefs, be warned, I will not be answering the door!


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Wow... Nobody has stolen my mail, but I think someone is playing around in my basement where my washer/dryer are. I'm gonna get one of those security cameras and see if I can catch the prankster switching my perfectly fitting jeans for tighter, less comfortable pairs that look exactly like mine!

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