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A Picture Says a Thousand Words

My Sweet Eamon

Well, the first 2 weeks of my new grandson's life on this planet has produced a dozen or more adorable pictures like the one to the left. I can sit and stare at them and stare at them forever! It's really nice that my son's able to upload the images to a webpage for the family to see, even though we live from coast to coast.

But you know, if a picture says a thousand words, then what does a live video say? A million words? I can't wait for them to receive the video calling system I'm sending them. I want to be able to not just see my grandson's cute little face, but I want to hear his first attempts at cooing and blowing bubbles. I can't get that in a still picture or even a telephone call. Tiny babies can make some noise, but they aren't huge conversationalists.

This isn't just any video calling system either. X10 has gone to a lot of trouble to design a camera that is more than just some techy toy or passing fad. This is a high quality camera built to be used daily. It's got features that really set it apart. One that will really come in handy for me is the Starlight Technology that allows it to work in the dimmest lighting conditions (like a nursery). And the optical zoom! Wow- I can't wait to zoom in for a virtual kiss on the cheek good night!

But the best feature of all is the internet control built into the software that comes with the system. It will actually allow me to control the camera from my computer, even though the camera is 3,000 miles away! So my son can simply set-up the camera in the nursery and leave the controls up to me. I can pan and tilt all by myself and take a tour of the entire room, floor to ceiling - wall to wall. I can't wait! It truly takes 'communication' to the next level!

I'm sure you have friends and family you would love to keep in touch with too. If you want to hear more about this great video calling system, check it out here: http:www.TheWorldsBestWebcam.com


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