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Communication Evolution

Good Day to You! I’m one of the newest members of the X10 team and am thinking it’s a good sign that they allow me my own blog. I guess the first thing I should get out of the way, right off the bat would be the awkward introductions. I’m really not very good at this… I have never been able to find the delicate balance between being overly friendly and telling ALL about myself in the first 10 seconds or appear aloof and mysterious which only seems to come across as unfriendly and self absorbed.

It’s kind of like the project I’ve been working on here at X10 practically since my very first day. Part of me wants to tell everyone all about it because it’s a really exciting product and I’m anxious to share it. But, the other part of me feels almost possessive and knows that once it’s launched and joins the rest of the X10 family of products, it will no longer be mine. We’ve been putting in such an effort (and lots of hours) on this project- it’s the first thing I think about in the morning when I wake up, and the last thing before I go to sleep and although I can’t say too much yet about it… I can say, it just might change the way people feel about video communication.

The Communication Evolution…
I’ve been amazed at how much (and how quickly) the internet has grown and changed the way people interact with each other. I remember when I was the only one in my family with email… Now, everyone, even my grandma has an email address (and she knows how to open attachments). Just the other day we were discussing the ‘evolution of communication’… Remember when the FAX was first introduced and what a phenomenon that seemed at the time? And now, it’s considered almost obsolete.

Look how much it’s changed the way singles of all ages find each other… My husband and I met the old fashioned way… at a single’s bar. Now, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. You can meet a mate while shopping on-line, looking for a new job or checking your bank account. I guess it’s convenient… but, I just don’t think it can replace meeting face to face… well, that is before now…

Oh ya… I almost forgot… My name is CArRiE, nice to meet you!


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