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I need a ticket to the Moon!

3,000 miles or 3 million miles, it doesn't make any difference when they are between you and your new grandchild! My son and his new family might as well be living on the MOON!

My son announced last Thanksgiving that he had been hired by a company he has been wanting to work for as long as I can remember. I was thrilled for him. Then he added that he wouldn't be telecommuting, but moving to Boston to work in their main office. It sure was a bitter pill to swallow, but that is how things are these days... you have to 'go where the work is'.

They have been living just north of Boston now for about six months. Even though I miss seeing him, we both work in the computer business so we're on-line daily and keep in touch through instant messages. It's comforting to know he's always as close as my desktop throughout the day. I almost forget that he's so far away physically sometimes.

But that just isn't going to cut it now that my grandson has come into the world! Even though they have already sent me pictures. I ache to see his little face and be able to count all his fingers and toes. That's why- instead of getting them a new crib for the baby or a stroller... I'm sending The World's Best Webcam!


Not only will I be able to see my new grandson and my son's new home, but I'll be able to control the camera myself from my own computer! I can zoom in and get close enough to give him a (virtual) goodnight kiss on his cheek! I'll be able to get close enough to count those fingers and toes! This camera also pans and tilts, so I can take in the entire nursery- floor to ceiling, wall to wall! And with the starlight feature, I can even peek in on him, even when the lights are low while he's sleeping.

It is going to be 3 months before I'll be able to take the time off of work and have the funds to be able to fly all the way to Boston to visit in person. Having the webcam and being able to video call them in the meantime will make the wait so much easier! Even after I get back, I know I am not going to miss all of his 'firsts' like his first step, first tooth and first birthday. I may not be there 'in-person' but I'll still be there 'face-to'face'.


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