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Answers To Your Emails

Thanks to Jim, Mary, Bob, and LB for sending in this week’s Answers To Your Emails. I’ve also received emails from others responding to last week’s posts about wanting to become contractors from Latin America, so thank you to those people for writing in.

Jim writes: I’m an affiliate. The report shows that I have earned commission for an order a couple of months ago but I have not received a check. I also received a call from a manager of the affiliate program who was just checking in and I commented that I did not have problems with the program. I anticipate more sales as I provide software that works with products provided by

X10 Community: Hi Jim. Thanks for your question. We mail out one check by the second to third week of each month. The checks mailed out represent sales that happened 45 days prior, as we have a 30-day no questions asked policy in place for our customer, allowing them flexibility in the event they need to return or make changes to their purchases. So for instance, for all orders that were placed under your affiliate ID for January from the 1st to 31st, you will receive the commission check in March. As your order was placed in January, you can expect to receive your commission check soon.

Mary writes: I wonder if this would work for me. I have two DVR cable boxes, one in living room; one in bedroom and would like to watch programs recorded on DVR in living room and in my bedroom... Is this possible with the X10? Remember I have 2 cable DVR boxes, would it be a problem that I have two boxes, instead of one?

X10 Community: Hello Mary. You shouldn’t have any problems in doing so, but you will need to check a couple of things. First does your receiving television have both a coax input AND a standard-RCA input for A/V? You can hook up your bedroom DVR via coax, and hook up the receiver (that will pick up the signals from your living room DVR) via RCA inputs. Then you can flip back and forth using the Input button on your remote to either of your DVRs. Of course this isn’t your only option, as you can also use an RF receiver if you don’t have RCA inputs available on the television in your bedroom.

Bob inquires: Do you have a stock symbol?

X10 Community: Hi Bob, currently we are a privately-owned company. So unfortunately, we are not listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ. Who knows? Maybe some day we will be though? Thanks for writing in!

LB writes: I like the 3-camera system you are advertising, but I need night vision capability. Do you have this?

X10 Community: LB, we carry systems to meet everyones needs. We do have Nightwatch cameras available that broadcast in black and white to provide better picture in the dark. If you are interested, here’s a link to show you where you can find them:


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