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Meet Tammra

Wow, where do I start?

I have been contemplating what to say for a couple of days now. I have endless stories from my seemingly endless days in tech support. That having been said, I didn’t feel it necessary to dwell on those, since they are posted all over Look for X10 and Tammra. I’m all over the ratings site!

Now that I have become a member of the X10 sales force, I felt it necessary to elaborate on my new experiences. Funny, some of my best stories are of “my” loyal tech support customers that still feel it absolutely imperative to contact me in the event of a technical snafu, or the rare occasion they need to purchase new items. Admittedly, this warms my heart to no end! Returning X10 customers are the best! I am always amused to hear the excitement in their voice when I answer the phone and hear, “Tammra… I wondered if you still worked there!” or “Now that you are a ‘big shot’ sales rep, do you still have time to help an old friend?”

The answer of course being, “For you… anything!”



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