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My Personal Assistant

Wouldn’t that be nice if everyone had a personal assistant? Not only at work, but for everything you do?

“Hold my calls I’m going golfing.” Or “Change my daughters diaper it’s dirty.” I would love that! The best part would be if I was in trouble I would always have someone there to help me out. Like when my wife asks “Does this make me look fat?” My personal assistant can jump in and take over that conversation. More importantly if I fell off the ladder while installing my floodlights my personal assistant can come running to help me out.

That actually brings me to the point of this entry. Today I was on the phones helping out in support to relieve the backup of calls. I came across a friendly lady who was asking about adding additional heart pendants to her personal assistant voice dialer. I told her “Of course you can! You can add up to 16!” She ordered two more and told me a little about her situation. It turns out that she took a spill and used the pendant for help. The personal assistant voice dialer called her son who rushed to her house to help. She thanked me for making the personal assistant and said it saved her life. I couldn’t take credit for making the product, but it’s nice to know that we can make such and impact for such a little amount of money.

What do you wish you had a personal assistant for? Could the personal assistant voice dialer work in this situation? Have you used the personal assistant voice dialer?

Excerpt: Tony MCarl is a trainer at our Seattle Office.


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