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Jeff Stops Crazy Neighbors

While trolling through e-mails and reading up on the new Sentinel and seeing that it is by far our best and most versatile camera with its weather enclosed dome and starlight mode for low light situations, my phone finally rang.

I answered the phone as charming and lovely as usual. "Thank you for calling X-10 Sales, my name is Jeff. Would you like to hear about our limited time deals on our new Sentinel camera?"

"Umm, yes please..." the female voice trailed off. Filled with a sense of some hope on a great sale I continued and told her all the great features of our Sentinel, including the 240 degree panning, the amazing 44x zoom, of course the bragging rights of the starlight mode and that it came at the astounding price of $599.99.

"That is pretty high" She stated.

"Okay, what kind of system are you looking at hooking up today?" I asked. I hadn't known I was about to open a bombshell of a story.

"I'm trying to catch my neighbor. She's a crazy woman! She ruined our cars...she's poisoned my dog! And the police won't do anything because she's a very good liar." I was a little taken back, but not dissuaded from helping her. She continued, "The police won't do anything unless I have proof, so I need a camera system that will catch her."

"The Sentinel camera can definitely help in doing that. Am I safe to say she generally does this at night?"

"Yes Jeff. We've parked our new cars down the street and are wanting to move, but too afraid to move them into the driveway. I want to get some cameras to watch over them and catch her in the act!" We discussed several options, from our recording to the VCR or computer. After going over everything she needed we put together the perfect kit for her. She wanted to think about it overnight and callback.

The next day I got the following call…"Jeff I want to buy the Sentinel. I've had enough!" I set her up with the kit we spoke about the day before and assured her that we will do all we can to catch her neighbor with our camera.

Crazy neighbors be warned...the Sentinel is out there!


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