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Katelyn Plays Dr. Phil

A week ago I had this gal call me up and say that a purchase of a camera kit was made under her fiancé’s name and she wanted to change the purchase to show that it was indeed under her name because she paid for it. She then went into a VERY long story about how he had kicked her out of the house and had broken off the engagement. On top of all that he had used her credit card to place the order so technically speaking she bought the equipment. It turns out that this credit card misuse worked out well for the caller because she absolutely loved her setup from X10. She wanted everything on the account transferred to her name. So I put in notes into the order stating that this customer indeed wants to keep this product.

Two days later I’m talking to her now ex-fiancé who called in and said that he wanted to return the system and get credit onto a different card. Because of credit card security I told him that we cannot do this, and that the notes indicated that his ex-fiancé is more than happy to keep the product. This is about the time he started ranting and raving about how she had cheated on him a and how this was his credit card but that she had stolen it from him, and a couple of not so friendly adjectives. He hung up after cursing even more about his ex-fiancé.

The very next day she calls up to add a Protector Plus system to the order. Turns out she was filing a restraining order against him and wanted more protection. It’s kind of ironic that his fraudulent purchase is now his ex-fiancés protection.

I’m sure we haven’t heard the end of this one. There’s a Lifetime made for TV movie in there somewhere!


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