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I scream, you scream, we all scream for… IPARTY!

I was the lucky recipient of what could easily be considered the coolest toy in the X10 arsenal: the X10 iParty. It eliminates the need for a docking system by turning your iPod Mini into a remote control that sends music to your home sound system. So if you bought an IPod and were frustrated that you had to buy one of those docking systems in order to use it without earbuds, think again. The iParty lets you listen to your cuts out in the open.

Oh yes kids, that’s right. The world of music in my iPod has finally left my earbuds and made its way to my sound system. Which is fantastic for four reasons:

1) I can never pay attention to podcasts at work. It’s more difficult to listen to news and stories while you’re trying to work than it is to listen to music. (Really, try it. Productivity = Nill). Now I can listen to them while I’m getting ready for work in the morning.

2) My computer speakers are terrible. Even though iTunes are in my computer, and my computer has speakers, listening to music on my computer is like listening to a tin can – or that teacher from the Peanuts movies. Forget it. And lets face it, those docking system speakers aren’t so hot either.

3) iParty makes your iPod into a remote control. The navigation is exactly what you’re used to on the Mini, because it IS your Mini.

4) My web team was jealous that I got one and they didn’t. HA HA.

5) I own a great sound system. Why would I want to waste it because I can’t listen to the music on my iPod with it? Ridiculous.

All in all, it’s a great product. And the nice thing is that X10 makes them for the Mini. A lot of Mini owners felt out of luck when Apple stopped making their version of the iPod, but you can still get great accessories for it at X10.

Although it’s not in production yet, there will be a Nano version of the iParty too, which is the one I sampled. And seriously, it’s a four-star product.


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Affirmative, I am jealous.

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