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X10 Girl Speaks!

Yes, we do exist!

Although the world of geeking-out over X10 may appear primarily male-dominated, there are a few ladies out here who live for remotes, transceivers and modules. Shocked? Don’t be! I’m here five days a week working out new ways X10 can make our lives more fun.

I just moved into a 1930’s studio in downtown Seattle, and it’s turning out to be the perfect canvas for X10 products. Hardwood floors… exposed brick… and ancient wiring. The place was begging for dimmers, but my walls are plaster, so rewiring the switches could cost me a deposit. (Old plaster crumbles when you remove face plates and start tinkering with things. It’s ugly, and a pain to repair). I spent this weekend outfitting my place with Socket Rockets, Lamp Modules, Slim Lines, and remotes. Now I can at least control lighting.

A lot of home decorating gurus will tell you that when space is small – like 600 sq. feet – lighting can mean the difference between a place that looks cluttered and one that looks polished. Studio apartments need as much specialty lighting as they can get. When I was outfitting my place I got the most bang for my buck out of these:


The best part was the Slim Line I put by my front door. I’m always in a hurry to get to the coffee shop before work in the morning. So I forget to turn off lights. If I catch it on the way out the door it’s just one button to get them all. And everyone who comes in asks what the switch is. They look wired, so it’s impossible to tell that the Slim Line is really a remote in disguise.

What’s the next project? Motion sensors, the xCam, and how to freak out the poor unsuspecting passers-by in front of my apartment building – and get them on video! We’ll see if my super catches me!

That’s all for now,



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