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"C.M.S.P" (Coffee Maker Surveillance Program)

I know this might sound a little strange to some, but today we started to monitor our coffee maker here at X10! We implemented something I call "C.M.S.P", which stands for Coffee Maker Surveillance Program.

Here's the story...

A typicial morning at X10 before "C.M.S.P":

9:00h I arrive at X10 headquaters near Seattle. I am still a little tired, because after working on a computer at X10 for the day, I spend my evenings playing with my own computer. icon_eek.gif

9:02h I turn on my computer, while greeting my web team (if it is there! icon_razz.gif ).

9:03h Computer is booting up, time enough to grab my coffee mug and head for the office's kitchen.

9:04h I am in the kitchen, I close my eyes and mumble some prayer, but it's no use...the coffee maker is empty! AGAIN!

9:05h My eyes widen, by head turns to red color and I start thinking words not approbiate for this blog.

9:07h I make new coffee.

I tried it the nice way. I wrote emails to everybody asking to brew more coffee if you use the last one. A very simple thing, huh? But several email and threats later, still no change. I would still find empty coffee makers in the

morning. I had enough. icon_twisted.gif A few good people here now started a new initiave I call C.M.S.P, the Coffee Maker Surveillance Program. It works very simple, yet effective. Isn't that how most things in life work?

What did we do? We placed a wireless surveillance camera on top of the coffee maker


See our camera selection if you encountered similiar problems. We offer specials deals daily!

Just the best,

Marko icon_wink.gif

PS. Members of my beloved web team started their own blogs. Check them out:
Owen (Graphical Merchandiser)
Lyndsey (Copywriter)
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Marko, that's a great idea and sure to make someone think twice about not brewing that next pot. But, wouldn't you want a camera shot of the coffee pot to see how much is left? Then again, I guess you'll know by the look of frustration on the next guys face (probably you) when they see it's empty.

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