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WARNING! (German Web Producer Writing…)

Read at your own risk. Reading may cause sudden home automation and/or home security enlightenment, due to German tell-it-like-it-is attitude. Cases of extreme money and/or time savings have been recorded. Marko’s Web log is not for everyone. If you have or had a predisposition to pay more, know less, or both, this web log is not for you. In case of accidental overdose, call Tamra from X10 Customer Support immediately!

If you read this, you made it through the disclaimer. Time to get serious; after all, I am German. So, how does a German end up writing a blog here?

Well, about 6 years ago I was crazy enough to fall in fall in love with an American woman. “Guess Who” tried to warn the world about them in 1970, but I have a tendency to try out everything myself. So, about two years ago we finally decided to get married and live in WA, united and without the constant knowledge that one of us would have to leave again. I immigrated into this beautiful country. The first year - that is how long it takes if you try to legally enter this country- I scouted out German bakeries and brewed beer in my garage; I finally received my Green Card (which is actually yellow) in December last year. Boy was I ready to work!

As a long-time web producer and internet fan since I can think (my first connection was through a V32 14.4 modem!), I had heard of X10 before. Long speech, short sense (German saying), I started working for X10 in January this year, producing two websites so far: and

Ever since, I hold a passion for home automation and security only topped by my passion for the internet. And what makes the internet the internet? You and me!
This is what this blog will be all about. You and me sharing the latest news, trends and insights about X10 products, X10 websites and more.

Auf Wiedersehen,



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