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When web producers listen

Many web producers (and I can't exclude myself completely) think they know it all.
In fact, that might be true in a sense: They know too much!

Are you confused yet?

Let me give you an example. In order to improve X10 services to our customers, we run a very active online chat. We want to learn from our customers, so we try to promote the chat as best as we can. For that reason I implemented a Chat-PopUp window, giving our customers the opportunity to chat with one of our expert X10 representatives. Through the feedback pages and the forum, I learned that many users found this PopUp more disturbing than helpful. So, after a short trial period, I removed the PopUp from both my projects, www.x10minitimer.com and www.x10securitysystems.com .

I want to thank everybody for their input and would like to encourage more people to give their feedback. Feel free to comment right here in this blog, or post in the X10community.com.


See you tomorrow,



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I see you've only been with X10 for 5 months. I usually don't read the blogs but for some reason I did today. And am glid I did. Hopefully, you will comb through the web site and correct the many problems that viewers have. I won't get into them here as I'm sure as soon as you settle in, they will dissappear; One by one. One I'd like to see happen right away is the disappearanc of the pop-ups. OK 2. Secondly Navigation is a big problem.
Thaqnking you for your time.

Hey Jim!

Firstly let me thank you for your comment! This is great, because this is exactly the kind of input I need.

If you're up for it, I'd like to ask you to outline the problems you have with the website a bit more (besides the PopUps).

For example, you were mentioning the navigation...

Hello Marko,
It's a beautiful day here in northern california which could only be spoiled if I needed X10 support.
I have an idea that I've posted on the forum somewhere. Why not use the questions asked and the revelant answers given on the forum to produce a REAL FAQ ?

Hi Jim!

I couldn't be as active in the forum as of late, as I'd like to be. Thank you for your input. We try to include the most commonly asked questions about a product on the relating site. Were you talking about a specific page where you would like to see better FAQ, or are you talking about a bigger all X10 FAQ?

The weather up here in the northwest isn't as sunny as it used to be. Personally, I like it. Was too hot for this german fellow in the last weeks... :)

Hello Marko,
Well it's been 3 months since I last contacted you.
Never mind about the FAQ as the forum answers just about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that comes up. As a matter of fact, that is what I wanted to talk to you about and in which you can be of tremoundous help.
First of all the software that you're using is out of date. There's a new version, also FREE. And which has several additional features.
With the upgrade hopefully some of the problems of the forum could be corrected. Such as denying unregistered persons the ability to post. The rating system which I feel is a valuable tool was recently abused by some Community Organizers who reset their ratings to do away with therir negative ratings. No one should be able to be change the ratings and those who did should be reduced to Newbie with ALL of their ratings erased. Also, when giving a rating, the rater should be required to give their name and the reason for the rating with the rating relating back to the post. As an example, a person receiving a negative rating would be able to see why such a rating was given and have the opportinity to correct and improve their post or simply delete it if warranted. They would also be able to contact the rater if more information was needed or to let the rater know that the post was corrected or deleted.This would result in a benefit to all of us including your Tech Support who won't have to spend a lot of time answering questions already asked and answered on the forum.
Thanking you for your time.

Hello again,
Here is another request for the forum.
We need a place for people to post what they have done with X10.

Write ups will promote X10 and give users fresh ideas.

I hear you saying. "This is a GREAT IDEA. It could be easily done. I'm taking this upstairs RIGHT NOW !"


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