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Home Automation is for Women, too

According to a 2003 Consumer Electronics Association report, women are spending up to $55 billion a year on consumer electronic products and initiate 75 percent of all consumer electronic purchases. This is about half the total gross revenue of the consumer electronics market. The report also states women's interests are on the rise with 42 percent expressing interest in consumer electronics. When compared to men, women also express a higher level of interest in both high-definition television (63 percent) and digital cameras (43 percent).

Will "tech talk" replace "brunch talk" among girlfriends in the future?
I'll be honest, with X10 most customers still seem to be male.

So, ladies, stop asking, "Do these shoes go with this bag?" Start asking, "Does this lamp module go with that palmpad remote?

Here are a couple good places to start:

Lighting control.
Whole house lighting systems eliminate wall clutter with aesthetically pleasing designs. Dimmer and switch control adds to a more productive, relaxed, efficient, fulfilling and secure life while saving electricity.
Check out: www.NewToX10.com

Automation systems.
Home automation allows total control of anything electronic in the home - your television, stereo system, alarm system, camera surveillance or even your coffee maker. Internet access gives the freedom to monitor, control and maintain the systems in your home even while you are at work, or at play.
See: www.x10minitimer.com


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