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Cable companies, video senders and math...

Video senders are nothing new. In fact, they’ve been around for sometime now, although I guess I wouldn’t be too surprised if you’d never heard of them before at all. You see, the cable companies do their absolute best to keep them a secret.

A video sender is essentially a device that can be used to beam a signal from one television to another—and their very existence drives the cable companies mad! Read on to find out why...

When I had my digital cable service activated, the cable company provided me with a single cable box. That’s right, ONE box. There are TWO televisions in my home. You do the math. Doesn’t quite add up, does it? The single box works great with the TV in my living room, but does absolutely nothing for the TV in my bedroom. I was told that if I wanted to use my digital cable with multiple TVs, I would have to pay for another cable box.

I wanted to find a way to watch my digital cable on either TV in my home, but the last thing I wanted was to spend money on another bulky piece of equipment that would take up space and spread its wires through my home like some sort of wild, overgrown vine. Fortunately, X10 was able to provide me with the perfect solution to my problem: The new and improved VK82A Video Sender (What can I say? I just happen know a couple of the good folks who work at X10…).

So maybe you’ve heard of a video sender before. If you’re already familiar with them, then get ready for something completely different, because this video sender is new and improved! The first thing I noticed was its compact size. I mean, this thing is small— about the size of computer mouse, so I can hide it anywhere I want to. Not that I need to hide it at all: This video sender doesn’t sacrifice form for function. It sports a sleek and stylish design that looks high-tech and matches well with my entertainment system—that’s something my wife really appreciates. But don’t be fooled by this video sender’s compact size—it’s as powerful as ever! This amazing new video sender even comes with a built-in remote sender which allows me to control the action with my remote control no matter which TV I’m watching! And, the whole set-up is legal, unlike all of those other “black box” scams you’ve probably heard about.

And it doesn’t end with digital cable. If you have more than one TV in your home, but can’t afford to equip them all with expensive electronic equipment such as DVD players, then the VK82A Video Sender is the perfect solution for you. It works with RCA or coaxial cables, making it compatible with most audio/visual devices. In fact, with the right connection, you can even use it with your PC! Watch movies you’ve downloaded to your hard drive right on your TV screen!

So if you’re looking for an effective and affordable way to get a signal from one TV to another, check out the VK82A Video Sender—just don’t tell your cable company about it!


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Does the tv that it is hooked up to have to be on? I am installing a flat screen in my living room and don't want to have a cable box visible. I was thinking of setting the adapter in the basement and the video adapter in the living room, I just don't want to have to have two tv on. Could I just install the Comcast box in the basement and always leave that on?

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