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iPod DJ on an iParty!

If you’re anything like me, you can’t live without your iPod. Mine has become an indispensable part of my daily routine. Just ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you that I’m rarely ever seen without those trademark little white Earbuds planted firmly in my ears.
Whether I’m at home or away, I gotta have my music.

Earbuds are great when I’m on the go, but when I’m relaxing at home and I’ve got those headphones up like I’m listening close, they pretty much cut me off from the rest of the world. And more often than not, they get in the way. Besides, sometimes I enjoy listening to my music the way it was meant to be listened to, and most of the time, headphones don’t cut it. They just don’t have the kind of power you get from a real pair of speakers. And when you listen to headphones as much as I do, sometimes you just have to get away from them.

So I’m up late one night, just surfing the web, and that’s when I found out about the iParty from X10. You can do tons of cool stuff with this thing. All you have to do is slide your iPod nano or iPod Mini into the iParty, and connect the included receiver to your stereo, and you’re good to go! That’s all there is to it, I swear! Once I had my iParty all set up, I was able to listen to all the music on my iPod over my stereo speakers. So now I get a fuller, richer sound—something I miss out on with headphones. The iPod and the iParty when combined is about the size of a deck of cards, so I can still carry my music around with me. And that’s cool because when I team my iPod up with my iParty, I can use the iPod itself as a wireless remote. So I can change tracks, fine-tune my volume settings, even create and sift through playlists without getting off the couch. But the coolest thing about the iParty, by far, is the fact that it makes listening to my iPod a completely social experience!

A couple of weekends ago, I decided to have a little get together. Being the raging geek that I am, I was kind of excited to show off my iParty. And it worked like a charm. I played DJ the whole night, using my iPod as a remote. And because I was able to walk around and mingle with the crowd, I didn’t miss a thing!



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