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Ready your thumbs: The iconRemote is getting closer!

Have you been doing your thumb stretches? The much anticipated release of the iconRemote Universal Remote Control is just around the corner!

This is more than your average universal remote. I already told you about all of the great features (custom favorite channel buttons, HIS and HERS favorites, easy-to-use macros, a bright and colorful LCD display, and more - see below), and now I have something new for you. We have just put up a new webpage to generate customer interest in this amazing new remote. You can find everything you need to know about the iconRemote here at www.X10iconRemote.com. Make sure to sign up for the email updates so you don’t miss out when the iconRemote goes on sale. These things are going to fly off the shelves!

Visit the new iconRemote website:

Find out more in the X10 Knowledge Base:

Tell your friends. Why wrestle with a bunch of remotes when this handy little gadget can replace them all and do so much more!

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