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Hey everyone! I spent the weekend drafting video commercials scripts, and after we get the chance to film, they’ll soon be available for your online viewing pleasure.

So far, i've been hearing many good things about the current commercials we have posted. People are definitely getting a kick out of them. It feels good to be adding a bit of humor to people's lives, as we all know, you can never get enough laughs...

If you’ve never had the opportunity to just sit down and try to create commercial ideas, you should try. It’s amazing how creative you can be just by sitting down at a table with a pad and pen jotting ideas. Some of your thoughts can get a little corny, while some thoughts sound pretty interesting. Some go way beyond crazy, and you wonder how you could ever pull something off so nutty!

Also, if you’ve ever thought about “a starring role” on an Internet commercial. Yes, I know. Isn’t that everyone’s dream? Break out that video camera and create your own X10 video promotional! Our up to $500 shopping spree is still up for grabs! If you win, you can take whatever you like from our online store! (Up to a point of course)...

I've had several people mention that they want to participate in the contest but they don't own a video camera. Well, here's what I would recommend to gain access to one:

1 - Your cell phone? many people nowadays have cell phone with the ability to create video! Does yours?
2 - Bribe a friend who has a camera! If you have to vacuum their place for a month, it'll be worth it!
3 - Blackmail a friend who has a camera! If bribing doesn't work, then usually blackmail does!

Just remember, the prize is still within reach! It's just a matter of who is willing to take the initiative to claim it? Will it be you?


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