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Life Is Too Short

This past weekend I had the pleasant experience of experiencing life, and the harsh realities of knowing that with life comes death.

This past Friday came the birth of a new child for my good friend Heath and his wife Becci. Their first child, Becci and Heath were ecstatic with the arrival of baby Emma, as she was showered with much love and attention from family and friends who came to catch a glimpse of her tiny smile.

In talking with Heath, he was exhausted and drained at the same time, undergoing the labor process with Becci. In talking about Emma, he shared his emotions and love for her that only a parent can show towards their child. We discussed the future, and as how most protective dad’s are with their daughters, Heath joked around about how Emma was not to date until she was 30 years old, and would have all potential dates screened until the point of being scared to death. He discussed college, and other things he and his wife had planned for her. Most importantly, we discussed health, as Emma was a beautiful healthy bouncing little girl, so vivacious and full of life.

On Saturday, came the uneventful day where I had the chance to witness death. While at home, a firetruck pulled up to my block and hurried into my neighbor’s house where her daughter who had recently graduated high school was directing them upstairs. Moments later came the arrival of a Medical Examiners truck, which usually points to some tragic event. It was tough to watch the events transpire as other family members had arrived, and to see the son of my neighbor out on the front lawn being consoled as he stood on the lawn crying while on the telephone.

You couldn’t help but feel for this family, and pray for them during this rough time in their life. After awhile, a gurney rolled out of the house with what was obviously a deceased member before being loaded on to the Medical Examiner’s truck then driven away.

It was certainly a weekend of two separate families experiencing different emotions in regards to life and death.

It also brought about a time to reflect and think about my own life, with all my future hopes and accomplishments, thoughts of family, friends, and other loved ones.

If anything can be learned from this weekend, it’s to continue to follow your dreams, and never forget about those around you who you care about. Never be afraid to let them know how you feel. Most importantly, live your life without any regrets and when that time comes when your end is near, you’ll know that you’ve lived your life as it was meant to be.


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