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A Day To Reflect...

As pretty much everyone knows, today is the 5th year Anniversary of the World Trade Center Disaster. Where were you when this event unfolded?

As for myself, I receive a phone call around 6:20am PST from a good friend to turn the television on. You could imagine the horrors going through my mind as the media continually broadcasted the horrific scenes of the jets smashing through the twin towers and bursting into flames. To make things worse, were the thoughts of the people who were either in the buildings at the time or helpless in the aircraft as they went through this horrific tragedy.

At the time, I worked for the Airlines as an Instructor. I flew to work everyday from where I lived to my office in the Seattle area nearly 100 miles away, and would hop onboard the plane for it to take me home. I thought about my own regular passengers, praying for their safety and hoping none were onboard any of those planes. All I could do was stay glued to the television and pray. This was horrific, saddening and very tragic.

Five years later, these events still fall through my mind. Although not a positive thing, it’s a good thing – for it will never let me forget this tragic day. It’s a day that reminds you to keep your vigilance, and a day to remind you to keep in touch with those you love. Most importantly, it’s a day that re-united a country. To those who perished on this day, and to those who lost loved ones from this event, my heart goes out to each of you. May we as a country heal, but may we never forget.


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