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The X10 Video Calling System!

You spoke and we listened! In a recent survey, 90% of webcam owners polled have stressed the importance of a web camera that can zoom, pan, tilt, handle low light, and produces a great optical video quality. When asked about what was missing from their current webcam, the majority mentioned that the things that they were seeking as listed above were the things that were lacking and most important to them!

Unlike traditional webcams, which are about to become a thing of the past, the new X10 Video Calling System allows for better interaction between you and loved ones who may be on the other side of the world. With the ability to allow you to control the webcam on either side of the conversation, you'll have the capability to zoom up to 44 times through the camera's 22x optical and 22x digital zoom. In addition, you can control the range of motion with an up to 180 degree full sweep from left to right and 70 degree tilt option from top to bottom.

With its design to handle low light situations, you can easily adjust the optics of the camera to either lighten or darken your images no matter the current lighting of the room, meaning you have the ability to see anytime and anywhere.

Have the freedom to allow your camera to follow you with the included remote control. There's no need to be stationary as you have the mobility to move freely throughout your room and control your camera to show off wherever you are or whatever you like!

Using your favorite Instant Messenging program (Skype, AOL AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo IM), you'll discover that the X10 Video Calling System will change the way you converse online! We're so sure that you?ll love your new X10 Video Calling system, that if for any reason you decide you don't want it, simply return it within 30-days along with your purchase receipt for a no-questions-asked refund!


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Feedback is so important, isn't it!? I hope all of our X10 customers realize they can email us with their opinions or suggestion and that it's not a waste of their time! We really do listen!


You are absolutely right! We do try to listen. I do hope that our readers feel that they can write in and know that they will receive a response.

We have a great team here at X10 that really does care about what people have to say, this includes everyone in the Community involvement, and even our Community Organizers on the forums.

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