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Wow, it’s almost winter…

Here we are on a Monday, in the chilly Pacific Northwest. Can’t complain though because the weather today is beautiful. There’s not a cloud in the sky, but there’s definitely a hint of Winter in the air.

Also, we changed back the clocks to regular time, and now around 5pm, it’s pitch black outside!

I’m not going to complain though, because it’s almost time for snowboarding, my favorite sport of the winter. I’m not a good boarder, but I enjoy tumbling down the mountain every so often. I recall my first trip up a few years back where all I could do was continually crash… I was so sore that day. My most embarrassing moment came on this day, when after my 1,500th crash of the day, I let out a big tantrum and the lady on the lift above me yelled out a few words of encouragement. You wouldn’t believe the bursts of laughter from my friends. To this day, they never let me live it down…

I also recall my brother’s first trip up the mountain. He was so scared on his first run, he simply removed his board and had walked down! Much to the laughter of our group of 10! That was the first and last time he’s been up since.

But now its a few years since, and a few trips later. I hope to make it up to the resorts a few times this year, and I also plan on bringing a helmet-cam (an Xcam mounted to my helmet) to show off my crazy skills as I plummet down the mountain at rocket-speed. If anything, at least I’ll be able to records a few good laughs, if not my death... or a few broken bones...

Happy Snowboarding Everyone!


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