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Adding The Right Colors To Your Website

Did you know that the color of your website has an adverse effect on your visitors? When designing a site, it’s always good to think about Psychology Color Marketing, or how you use colors to convey a subliminal message about your website. When done properly, considering Psychology Color marketing provides you the ability to generate additional affiliate sales.

Web-design-uk.biz publishes a great article discussing this topic. Here’s a quick breakdown of what the article mentions:

Light Versus Dark Backgrounds: Light backgrounds generally create a sense of tidier and uncluttered interfaces. However they can have a tendency to tire out your eyes from the glare emitted by your monitor. Darker colors can strike a sense of cosiness or “nocturnalesque” feelings. According to web-design—uk.biz, when it comes to using darker colors, “younger” audiences tend to have a better tolerance versus those who are “older”.

The article also mentions that for websites that are meant for shopping purposes or reading information, such as content, it’s usually good to stick to lighter backgrounds.

Saturated Colors: Saturated colors are colors that are pure and strong. Saturation refers to the amount of white light (or gray) mixed with the hue. Examples of saturated colors are red, pink, green, yellow, and purple. According to the site, saturated colors should be avoided at all times because of their “cheap” attempts to add relief to webpages. They continue to mention that they are very tiring to the eye, and look just dreadful when combined or used in large areas.

So, if this is the case, then what colors should you consider for your background when designing your site? I found another interesting site that dove into individual colors, and the effects that they conveyed, courtesy of precisionintermedia.com.

Black - According to this site, black conveys authority and power. It’s a serious color that evokes strong emotions, and can be overwhelming when overused.

White – White is considered the color of “purity”. It is also used to project the absence of color or neutrality. In certain parts of the world, white is even considered the color for mourning a loss of a relative or loved one.

Gray – Gray is associated with practicality and timelessness, and using too much gray leads to feeling mostly nothing, but using just a bit can add a rock solid feeling to your product. Be careful when using gray, because it can be associated with depression.

Red – Red is the color of energy, associated with movement and excitement. The article goes on to say that red is not a good background color to use, but using just a little amount in the right place can really help.

Pink – Pink provides a calming effect. In fact, its considered the most calming of all colors.

Blue – Blue is the favorite color of the majority of people. Much of our world is blue, with everything from the sky to the water. The article also goes on to mention that certain shades of blue cause the body to produce chemicals that are calming. However some blue shades, or evening using too much, can send a message that is cold and uncaring.

Green – Green is considered the color of growth, nature and money. It’s a calming color that is also pleasing to the senses. It’s also the color associated with envy, good luck, and generosity.

Yellow – Yellow is a color associated with optimism and happiness. Yellow can be overpowering if over-used but if used sparingly can be very effective. The articles stats that some shades of yellow can be associated with cowardice, but golden shades can be considered colors of a promise of better times.

Orange – Considered the most flamboyant of all colors, with happiness and energy. It’s also associated with ambition or with a new dawn in attitude.

Purple – Purple is a color associated with royalty. With royalty usually comes riches, prosperity, and power. However when used, has a tendency to seem artificial.

Brown – Brown, as it’s the color of the earth, is the color related to reliability, stability, and friendship. It’s usually associated with things that are natural or organic. However, be careful to know your audience! For in India it’s also the color used in mourning a loss.

So how does this all relate to your website? It all depends on what you are trying to promote and how you are trying to promote it. Think about who you are trying to sell to, what you are advertising, and what you think works best to get your customers to make a purchase. By choosing properly, can lead to additional sales and extra profits. If you choose incorrectly, your sales may suffer as a result of your selections.


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