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Answers to Your Emails

I receive a lot of email from people around the world, and wanted to take the opportunity to address some of them. As many are general repeat questions, I’m not going to post the name of the sender or where they are from, as these are many of the same questions I am asked on a daily basis:

How can I order X10 products with a 220V electrical plug?
Unfortunately, X10 no longer manufactures our products with the 220V plug in mind. Our products are designed for the North American standard 110v plug.

How much are shipping costs to the United States?
For standard shipping, all purchases of $49.99 and up are free. In the event you are looking to expedite your purchase to receive it sooner, we can accommodate, but rates will vary depending on what you choose.

How much is shipping to Canada?
All standard shipped orders shipped to Canada are $10 USD plus GST. You do have the option for expedited shipping with the rates varying.

Where are X10 warehouses located?
For those of you on the east coast of the US, your orders will ship from the X10 warehouse in New Jersey. Those on the west coast of the US will receive their orders from the X10 warehouse in Las Vegas. If you live in Canada, the X10 warehouse is located in Mississagua.

Where does X10 ship product to?
X10 ships products throughout North America, both Canada and the United States included. In addition, we also ship to all US territories (Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and Guam).

I need support, what is the best way to receive it?
The first thing we recommend when asking for support is to view our Knowledgebase WIKI. You can find the WIKI at http://kbase.x10.com. You can also talk to the X10 experts on our community forum. You can find the forum at www.x10community.com. Post your question to over 6,200 members and you’ll be sure to get a reply! In the event you need additional assistance, you can email X10 support at support@x10.com. Please entitle your email “X10 Support”, as we receive thousands of pieces of spam in our mailbox daily!

Do you have a question and need an answer? Feel free to let me know!


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hi my name is Ben i live in the Bahamas Nassau the capital i was wondering how do i ship your products to the Bahamas i know that you only ship in and around the United States. Because i want to get into bussiness for myself and i maybe ordering alot of your products

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