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Avoiding Long Phone Lines

As we get ever so closer to the Christmas Holiday season, things at X10.com headquarters are starting to pick up. I wanted to provide a few resources to help make your X10.com experience more pleasant, especially when you place your orders over the phone.

1. Expect a wait time if you plan on calling in your orders. Many people are calling in, so know that our customer service representatives are working hard to get to you. Sometimes some call-ins take longer than others, so sometimes as much as it pains you, you just have to be patient.

2. Try other means instead of the phone. Another great way to reach our service team is via email. Please know that we receive thousands of email a day, with the majority being spam. To make sure we don’t accidentally pass up your email, title your email with a reference to X10, as this usually gets our attention. Please allow enough time for us to get back to you. If you are looking to place a new order, you can do so by emailing us at service@x10.com. If you need technical support, email us at support@x10.com. It’s very important that you use the correct email address, so know ahead what you want to ask or what you are seeking.

3. Use the resources we provide. If you have a question about your item, such as are unsure of how to set it up, or are wondering if it may be defective, visit our Knowledgebase for help first! You can find the Knowledgebase at http://kbase.x10.com. The knowledgebase consists of anything and everything that has to do with X10.

4. Maybe you are still unsure after visiting the Knowledgebase. Have no fear! Our forum has over 6,300 registered members, and many of them are experienced enough to diagnose your problem. Some of our members have been using X10 for over 30 years! These guys are your perfect resource. You can find the forum at www.x10community.com.

5. If you plan on calling in, have all of your information ready. Have your order numbers, ready to go, your invoices handy, and your shipping information to expedite your call. This will help the service representative provide you better service, and allow them to properly assist you.

6. Buy online. Use our website to make your purchases. Sometimes, it's just simpler versus waiting on the phone. Here, you get instant service, and get to place your order without delay, plus you get an instant receipt and confirmation of your order.

By planning ahead, getting the service you need can be as quick and simple as possible, especially during the cheeriest (although busiest) time of the year!


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