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Creative Advertising

X10 affiliates are some of the most creative bunch of people when it comes to finding ways to make sales. Aside from the traditional ways of advertising via a website, many use some unconventional ways that seem to work.

One affiliate who lives in a large metropolitan area I spoke to uses one of their independent newspapers to place ads. By adding his website, his Affiliate ID, and the X10 Affiliate sales hotline number to his ad, he finds great success in making sales.

Another affiliate uses the power of community sites. Placing a listing on the classified section of MySpace, Friendster, and Tagworld, she had the ability to create an interest and make a few sales.

Last month I spoke to another Affiliate who advertises in their church bulletin. He says it works oddly enough and has the sales to support it. And the most interesting thing is a gentleman who works for the State Prison system. With many prisons in the area he was able to capture an interesting market.

Hmm…. How do you make your X10 sales?


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