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The Importance of Content

Each day I review many web sites from people who are applying for acceptance into our Commission Junction Affiliate Program. 1 out of every 10 applicants will be declined entry into the program because they run a banner site.

A banner site is a website that display only affiliate banners and lacks any substance or content. They have the tendency to be very busy to the eyes and very disorganized. Banner sites are declined because of their inability to turn sales, but also because they generate high impressions and clicks, potentially sinking EPC numbers for publishers. This is bad because publishers rely on high EPC numbers to attract new affiliates for it shows that a company has the ability to help them generate revenue.

Simply displaying banners on your website will not help to land new sales. So what does? The answer? Content. Content complements your banners and has the ability to work as that extra hook needed to land sales. Content can be anything. It can be copy or information about a product or a company, it can be testimonials from previous buyers, or it can be a simple paragraph describing the savings you’ll get from purchasing an item. Content is meant to be used as a reinforcing tool for your banners. It also provides credibility to you and your site by allowing you to appear more of a consultant versus a greedy salesperson.

If you’re struggling to generate sales, take a look at your site and ask yourself “Am I a consultant or a salesperson?” You’ll find that if you can be a consultant you’ll have a better chance of making the sale.


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