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Why Testimonials Work

You see them on television everytime during a commercial. They may be actors or professionals, or they may even be regular people, and usually the message they speak says a lot about the products they are talking about. When it comes to using testimonials, they are guaranteed to help sell more product. Why is this? On June 9, 2006, Testimonailblog.com publishes an interesting articles in regards to why testimonials are great.

The site goes on to explain that shoppers aren’t looking for ideas – they’re looking for product. And it’s the shoppers goal to try and predict the future about this product (2006).

The goal of a consumer is to predict the future about a product, and by offering real stories, can turn a picture of your product into a tangible experience (2006).

Companies value the power of testimonials. In fact, many companies will use them to their advantage to help promote their products. This is why they’ll go out of their way to seek consumer input and try to find out as much about what consumers think. And whether you realize it or not, your website as a shopping site puts you in this same situation where you need to find advantages to help you sell.

According to the Get Them And Keep Them Blog on a February 16, 2006 post, testimonials work best when they are done correctly. “I believe testimonials for a consumer product or service work best when they have the endorsee’s full attribution, and comments about how he/she used the product or service to get their work done more efficiently, quicker or for less cost” they go on to state.

So how do you use testimonials to your advantage? The nice thing about the majority of our X10 affiliates is that they joined the program because of a prior coincidence with X10. I hear many great stories and read many emails that come in daily about why people joined our affiliate program. Your own personal stories are same stories that you can use to your advantage to help you make more sales. Your stories have very human appeal to them, because they’re real. They speak in a way that make people listen. For instance, imagine a company telling you about how great their product is versus a consumer who purchased the item and talks about it in detail. Who are you more likely to believe? Chances are it’ll be the consumer because their intentions hold more weight.

When setting up your site, add your personal stories. Talk about why you like the products so much, or what makes the product so great. When you come across in a positive way to your customers, you’ll see your sales totals take a positive step up.


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