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Answering Your Emails

Here are the answers to your latest emails:

Q: Hi -- I'm interested in your video sender system but I see several different ones and I'm not technical by nature -- I live in an older house and only have 1 cable outlet and want to hook up the one cable outlet to the tv - do I need one for audio and video or is there one you would recommend?

A: We do carry different types of video senders to fit everyone’s needs. There are video senders with or without audio capabilities, it all depends on how you are planning to use it. Since you are looking to extend the range of your television set, keep in mind that this device broadcasts the same signal as of what is on the first television. It’s not meant to be used as a cable converter box. But most people who do purchase it use it to either monitor what their children are watching, or extend a signal to an area where there may not be one, such as a workshop or garage.

The range of the device is up to 100’ depending on any obstacles in the house, such as brick and mortar versus wood (the signal travels easier through wood than it does brick). However you choose to use it, it’s a great device and one that you’ll enjoy.

Q: : With the ProtectorPlus alarm system, Is the siren loud enough to alarm my neighbors?

A: Of course everything depends on where you live. If you live in an attached condominium or an apartment, then yes, the siren is loud enough to be heard by your neighbors.

If you live in a house with a small yard separating you and your neighbor, the alarm should be loud enough for your neighbor(s) to hear barring room placement. This means that if you put the alarm on the far end of the house and your neighbor’s home is on the other end, then they probably won’t be able to hear it. However, if the alarm is in the room closest to your neighbor’s home, then they should be able to hear the alarm.

If you live in a rural area where your neighbors are spread out by acreage, then no, your neighbors will not be able to hear the alarm.

Q:: Hi -- your MP3/DVD Broacast System (video sender & receiver) looks interesting -- Will it work for my purpose? I run a Karaoke show (sometimes) and would love to have a wireless system. At present I am not running it from a PC but plan to in the future. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks -- Carol.

A: Thanks for writing Carol. Depending on the type of Karaoke system you are using, there is no reason that this device won’t work. You should have the ability to hook the sender to a first television, then broadcast the signal to a second television and be able to pick up the same picture.

Q: Could you please send me information on the battery packs for the Xcams? Such as how long they operate on a charge, the price, and any other relevant information. Please reply. – Steve

A:: Steve, the battery packs are meant to be used as backup power for your Xcams. They are not intended to be used as primary power. With new batteries, the battery pack has a lifespan of 4 hours before needing to be replenished with new batteries. If you are interested in purchasing a battery pack(s), they sell for $19.99 (USD) each. Here’s a direct link that you can visit: http://www.x10.com/products/x10_zb10a.htm

Thanks to everyone for submitting their questions. Have a great weekend!


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I've used the video sender to send my PC Karaoke from my laptop to multiple TV screens. It makes it easier to setup a show and I didn't have to worry about wires all over the floor. I was very pleased with how well it worked.

Thanks for the input Dante. This is actually a great idea to use the video sender for this type of purpose. I hope Carol has many years of enjoyment with her Video Sender/Karaoke system.

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