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Psychology of "Sexy Selling" -- Pt 2 of 3

In continuing from yesterday’s post on "Sexy Selling," here’s part 2 of our 3 part Series…

Sexy Marketing does not have to involve using sex or nudity. Sexy marketing involves using attraction as a lure – and since attraction can be anything; it doesn’t even have to involve people. Sexy can be anything you want it to be, for example, if you put a Ferrari next to a Honda, there’s definitely a much greater attraction to the Ferrari then there would be to the Honda.

Sexy marketing also involves the notion of positive feelings and expressions. It’s not just about attraction, it’s also about how good something or someone makes you feel.

Why is this? The Passionate Blog does a great job in explaining why attraction works well as a great selling tool. One of their statements sums it up best when they say “We're not picking it because it's sexy. We're picking it because sexiness is part of what makes it a better product!”

When people have the notion that something or something around it (such as a beautiful model or a very expensive car) is sexy, then it has to be superior to other products similar to it.

Successful advertisers also know that people are more willing to trust someone they feel is attractive over someone they feel is unattractive, even if they don’t know the person. This is why using beautiful models to sponsor products work so well.

With all of these facts it’s easy to understand why businesses would lean towards using sexy selling. The fact of the matter is that a business’s main goal is to make sales. They do their homework and find ways to push the boundaries and it draws people to their products. In tomorrow’s blog posting I’ll show you how you can push the envelope with your website so you can use "sexy selling" to your advantage.


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