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Using Online Polls to Your Advantage

So how do you know what your customers want? A great way to find out is to add an online poll to your site. Free poll services are available throughout the Internet, and they are great because people like to respond to them.

I added a poll on one site I created that generated very little traffic, however, one thing I discovered was that the poll became the most popular item on the homepage as it provided a way to allow people to express their opinion by voting. As more people found their way onto the site, the votes started to increase and all of a sudden a voting war was happening. In checking my web stats I saw that people were coming back as repeat visitors and were inviting their friends to vote also. This helped to increase my site hits and my site rankings.

Polls are great because they not only allow your customers the opportunity to speak their mind, but they provide you as the site operator a chance to know what your visitors are thinking. This allows you to adapt your page in order to capitalize on your market. Polls can be about anything: You can find out what products your visitors prefer, you can make them fun by adding trivia, you can even make them controversial by adding questions that can start a good debate. It all depends on your intent for your poll.

To add a free poll to your webpage, here’s a link to Easy-Poll.com.


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