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X10 Key Demographics

Who Buys X10 Products?
Knowing your customer is key to successful marketing programs. I found a link compiling some basic marketing statistics that you can use to help you properly market your X10 links containing key demographics for X10 products.

Primary Demographic:
*72% of customers are male
*57% are males age 34 to 55
*16% visit X10.com because of a special online promotion
*Initial average purchase from X10.com is $116 (ASP)

Secondary Demographic:
*28% of X10 customers are female
*Females are a large influence on purchase decision (by men)
*“I want to feel safe when your gone” is the main reason the female population chose X10.
*Females are 40% of the household users

On Monday, I’ll discuss ways that you can put your customers at ease when purchasing X10 products off of your website.


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