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Getting The Most Out Of Your Keyword List

I wanted to add on to yesterday’s post by continuing the discussion of keywords, or more importantly, discussing ways to get the most out of your keyword list in order to be more effective for the search engines.

Did you know that there are tools you can use for doing keyword research? These tools are in the form of programs that you can use to measure how many times keywords are being searched on the popular search engines.

The most popular and effective tool right now is WordTracker, a pay-per-service program that provides an estimate on how many searches are made from keywords on the web. A free trial of WordTracker is available to try. The basic concept to WordTracker, is to allow you to input any keyword into it’s database, in which it then returns other keywords similar to what you entered. This allows you to expand your keyword list on the pay-per-click channels. Another nice thing about WordTracker, as I mentioned earlier, is its ability to also provide an estimate on how many times those keywords are searched on the web. This gives you an idea as to the popularity of the keywords being searched.

Another highly effective tool that is very similar to WordTracker is the Overture Keyword Inventory Tool. This is a free service provided to you by Overture, the parent company to the famous Yahoo! Search engine, brought to you in the form of a website search engine. Like WordTracker, the Overture Keyword Inventory Tool also helps expand your keyword lists and provides estimates for how many times a keyword has been searched on the Net.

The nice thing about these tools are their abilities to help you generate concise keywords that people research. Although not always accurate with their estimates for searches, the important thing is their ability to extract a lot of extra words, so exact search numbers are not always as important.

Many people who use these programs swear on their abilities to help them generate sales. If you haven’t looked into either of these services yet, maybe its time you should.


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