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Interesting Stuff

I was on the phone the other day with Dave, one of my affiliates back east. Dave and I always have an interesting talk about some of the things he finds online. I was intrigued with a couple of the sites he mentioned, because one of them had the ability to display past snapshots of your website showing you how your site has developed over time. The other site was a great datafeed provider to thousands of other companies, giving you a world of options.

Archive.org: If you visit this site, on the top-center you will find “The Wayback Machine.” This was interesting because when you enter a URL of a site, the Wayback Machiine took you back to snapshots of how the website looked in the past. You get the ability to see the transformations that a website has made from it’s start to current day.

Coldencan.com: Goldencan.com is a datafeed integration website. For you shopkeepers, this is a great way for you to be able to add additional coupons, and products to your site.

Do you have an interesting site that you think people may find of interest? Post here and let us know!


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