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My Personal "Typing Bee"

Being busy is sometimes not an excuse to have a few laughs and poke fun at myself. I wanted to share something with you that keeps me grinding my teeth and drives me a little crazy. I’m usually left shaking my head every time it happens.

I’ve been the Affiliate Manager at X10 for nearly a year, and for some reason my typing goes to whack every time I have to type the word AFFILIATE. You could imagine that when running this department how many times a day I have to type this word because of all the emails I reply to, and although I know how to spell it, I just can’t seem to type it correctly. It usually comes out looking like AFFILAITES no matter what I do. I’ve even tried slowing down to make sure I don’t cross up my typing and yet to no avail I still get a spelling of AFFILAITES grrrr.

Like in grade school, I can only imagine myself in a dark gymnasium with a microphone in front of me and a keyboard, when the announcer asks me to type the word AFFILIATES in front of all my schoolmates. Ooh the pressure, can I handle it or will I choke?

Well, if I can’t get the typing right, I guess that means another department to head up, the AFFILIATES and AFFILAITES Departments.


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Interesting blog. There is currently an X10 RoboDog for sale on eBay.

Thanks David.

Funny thing, I was actually on eBay last night trying to find one.... I'll have to take a look at that... as i'm sure hundreds of others will too.. =)

thanks again,

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