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Hearing versus Listening

Just about everybody hears. But only so many people listen. What’s the difference you may be asking? Quite a bit actually.

Hearing doesn’t take much energy. It’s something that comes naturally and doesn’t require any attention to doing so, while listening takes focus and paying attention to what a person has to say.

When your customers are speaking, how in-tune are you with what they have to say? Are you hearing or are you listening? It’s usually the listeners that have the ability to successfully close the sale because they show an understanding for their customers needs.

When Tom says “I’m looking for a home automation system.” What’s the first thing to go through your mind? Is it a simple, “I can sell you one?” or is it “What kind do you need and what would you like it to do?”

Being an active listener allows you to ask the right questions. While simply hearing leads to improper questions at improper times. Listening can put Tom at ease and show him how well you know the products you are trying to sell, giving you the opportunity to show your skills. While hearing can make you look foolish because you’re not paying attention or overanxious to make a sale without any concern for his needs.

When it comes to your business, ask yourself “Am I just hearing my customers or am I listening to what they have to say?”


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